Honeycomb SDK example

As i said in my last post – i did not have a look into the actual API or any honeycomb based code yet. But today i created the Gallery sample application that comes with the preview SDK. And i actually found the sample application quite interesting!

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Android 3.0 – The Wait is Over!

Android 3.0 finally landed! What do you say? Android Honeycomb, who, what, wheeeere? Well, let me be a bit more specific, some hours ago the SDK Preview for Android 3.0 was

released here. And just to let you know, i am totally excited. I am so excited that i even started writing this blog post while i am still downloading the new package. Before i start – my dear Apple friend be warned – i am slightly biased towards Android. 🙂

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Riding the wave

Alright, as I promised, my plan was to write about mobile topics and here I am. Here comes my first article in the mobile space (specifically bada).

Last friday me and some colleagues from university attended the german Samsung Bada Developer Day held in Frankfurt am Main. Some of us already had quite some experience with Android and mobile in general, therefore it was definitely an interesting event for us.

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The Android Galore

Oh noes!

There goes my idea. For quite some time i wanted to put up a website that features every Android based device that is out there. Plain simple, a picture, the core specs and maybe a release date.
Unfortunately it seems someone else had that idea before me…

Nevertheless, the folks at http://android-devices.net/ look like doing a great job. Therefore i am not going to waste my time reproducing what is already there. But i wanted to share the site with all of you who didn’t already know it. Pay them a visit, rest assured you will most likely see some Android based devices you haven’t heard of before!

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Brave new world

It’s been more than a year since i last tried to start blogging. What stopped me? Maybe i am just too lazy to write, maybe it’s because of the missing tools, maybe it’s because i have almost no spare time left. Maybe it’s because i think this stuff will never be read by someone who cares.

Anyways, here i am again doing it. Hopefully this time i will find some spare time to work on articles and posts i would really like to share with the internet. These will mainly cover topics like programming, software, operating systems, mobile devices or projects i work/ed on. Sometimes there will be also some rants about my personal life or stuff i encountered on the internet. Continue reading

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