Droidkoban 3D

andy“Hello, i am Andy the android and i am stuck in these strange mazes full of boxes. Will you help me complete the triggers so i can find my way to the next stage?”

The main principle of the game Droidkoban is taken from the classic Sokoban game everyone knows. The goal of the game is to move boxes into their destinations to complete a level. droidkoban qr codeIn order to do so you need to solve puzzling scenarios. Droidkoban can be found on the Android Market using every Android Handset that comes with the Market Application.

The game features really nice 3D graphics to breath some new life into the Sokoban gameplay. Play trough 6 distinct stories with each 400 different levels and enjoy 6 distinct graphic themes. While playing your are able to gain a lot of different achievements and increase your overall score. In the future there will be new achievements added to the game.

Feature Overview

  • Play trough 2400 levels
  • 6 distinct graphic themes
  • Unlimited undo, reset levels
  • Free-Zoom function
  • 40 achievements for a lot of goals beyond reaching the next level
  • Twitter support to tweet your gained achievements
  • Background Music

Droidkoban is tested and confirmed to run great on the following devices:

  • Google Nexus One
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Magic
  • HTC G1
  • Motorola Droid/Milestone
  • Evo 4G

But in general it should run on all Android devices that have at least version 1.6 on them!
The Game needs at least Android 1.6 to run it and around ~2.5 MB of free application space to install. In the coming weeks i will release a version that also runs on Android 1.5!

Droidkoban can be found in the Market using the QR code or via the following link:

The game features six different stories with their own graphic sets.

What users say about it



Here are two videos with early gameplay footage. The videos don’t represent the game as of it’s current stage but should give you an impression what to expect.


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